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This comic strip of mine doesn’t make any sense because I didn’t have much time to make it fancy or with more sense. We only had 10 minutes. And I had to use the pictures that were there at the comic life.

Freedom Of Belief Pt. 1 | Blog Action Day 2014 | Edublogs


RajeshEveryone should have the right to have some sorts of belief in something, in a god or a religion. As long as it doesn’t bully other religions. People are also allowed to not have a religion or a certain belief if they want. Most of the people I know, they all have a certain belief of some kind. Everyone is different in some way and having a religion is a big part of that. There are many countries, including Canada which appreciates the freedom of beliefs. Everyone I know so far has a belief and is not scared and does not fear to believe in it. They are not scared if other people will accept their religion or not. I am myself `Hindu and I don’t go on the streets and start saying bad stuff about other religions or beliefs and I don’t feel bad or unsafe when I am walking on the streets or anywhere else.

In Canada for example, you are allowed to have your own beliefs or no belief if you do not want to have one. You are not segregated or bullied if you are in a specific and a different religion. Everyone has a religion (except Atheists and Agnostics) and is respected for that religion and is respected if they do not have a religion. Not only in Canada, but many countries appreciate the freedom of all sorts of religions.

Everyone has the right to a religion because everyone in this world is different and having a religion helps build different people each day with different ideas and that helps the world by learning new things. It won’t be that fun if everyone is of the same religion and they’ll be nothing new to learn about.

Freedom Of Belief Pt.2 | Blog Action Day 2014

Art. 14 You have the right to think and believe what you want and to practice your religion, as long as you are not stopping other people from enjoying their rights. Parents should guide children on these matters.

Source: UNICEF Know your Rights and responsibilities

The Bad Beginning- Edublogs Challenge 3


Vaansh The Bad BeginningI would never want to go to the house of Count Olaf because he is very mean and tricky. He is the villain of the series of Unfortunate Events and wants to kill Violet, Klaus, and Sunny because when their parents died in a fire, they left an enormous fortune with the three orphans. Count Olaf’s house is in a building which is sagged to one side like a crooked tooth. His apartment is full of mud and is very dirty.

He asks the Baudelaires to wipe their feet outside, so no mud gets inside even though more mud won’t make a difference. I won’t live there because it is very dirty and it is very hard for me to live in untidy places. I feel very uncomfortable. Even though his house was quite large, the Baudelaires were given one filthy room and were to sleep on a small bed. I need a lot of space to move around, therefore, I will not be able to stay in that room.

Would you like to go there?

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons



Should Athletes Be Punished Professionally?


I had heard in the news about two very famous and good football players. The players were Ray Rice and Adrien Peterson. Ray Rice had thrashed his wife in an elevator and Adrien Peterson had thrashed his 4 year old son with a very thin branch. These players took advantage of their strength and used their power inappropriately.

I was very surprised when I heard about this because NFL players are very tough and strong and if they use their strength inappropriately it would be wrong because other people aren’t strong enough as them. I felt very sad because who would want to hit his wife and his own 4 year old child. The kid is still not that strong to bear the pain of the thrash of a NFL player. Read the rest of this entry »

Dog Blog


I think Ocean`s blog is very nice and has a lot of cute animals. It attracted me because it had videos about cute dogs and a lot of funny stuff. I`m sure the people who like dogs will like the blog.  Some of the videos are about dogs losing their temper and some are about dogs acting cute. It also has a video on Pomeranians-who are my favorite types of dogs.

You can visit her blog at:http://oceanl2014.edublogs.org/

And I am pretty sure you`ll like it!



Photo Credit: Ocean`s blogocean blog dog

I Was Frightened


The time when I felt very unsafe was when I was in Saskatoon in February 2014. Me and my family were coming back from ice-skating when my dad decided to take us for a ride to us the city. But suddenly my dad missed a turn and we came to the dirty part of Saskatoon. There were a lot of clubs, bars and people who didn’t look that nice and pleasant. My parents were frightened because we were in a place that we knew nothing about and there were people around us who had there pants down to there knees. There was also very loud music coming from the  cars around us. Then I started to have a weird feeling. A feeling to just hide in the bottom of my seat or just go under the covers of my bed. I felt like to go somewhere where no one else could see me. Read the rest of this entry »

The Lungs Of the World


Rain Forest Vaansh RajeshRain forests are one of the wettest places on earth.  They cover less than 10% of the earth, but more than half of the world’s animals come from rain forests. Rain forests are near the equator, mostly in Asia, Africa, South America and Australia.

Rain forests have tall trees and dense jungle. The reason it is called “rain” forest is because of the high amount of rainfall it gets. Rain forests get 71 inches (180 cm) of rain each year, which helps trees grow tall and fast. The tallest trees in the world grow in rain forest. The climate of rain forest is very hot.

Rain forests are sometimes called the lungs of the world because the trees take in a lot of amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give out oxygen. The process (called photosynthesis), prevents carbon dioxide from building up and warming the planet. Rain forests are endangered now, because people cut down the forest for its wood.

Rain forests are made up of 4 layers. Each layer provides a home for different types of animals and plants. The names of these 4 layers are:  Emergent layer, Canopy, Understory and then comes the Forest floor (this is the darkest part of the forest). Read the rest of this entry »

9/11 2001


9/11 terrorist attacks shocked the world and changed the United States forever.

2001 was the year when my parents got married (October). My father was working in the kingdom of  Saudi Arabia and my mom was in India, New Delhi. When this painful incident happened, my mom was in a shopping mall. She immediately rushed to home, because she was scared. There was a live telecast on TV of this disaster. My mom watched the whole incident  with her family. Nobody was moving from the television. As per my mom, this still horrifies her. My mom heard about the jetliners crashing into the World Trade Center. By the time she reached home the other had struck the other tower. Children were crying for their parents, brothers and sisters.

My mother’s aunty lives in California. She was going to San Diego and had already boarded the plane. But she was asked to leave the plane and all passengers were off boarded. There was a tight security and all the flights in the U.S.A were canceled. My maternal grandfather’s family lives in the US (In different cities). He was busy calling everyone but there were no connections available at that time. Nobody had any meals on that day. Every body was praying.

My mom called my dad and informed him about the horrific incident. Vaansh Rajesh Twin Towers



Music plays a big role in my life. I listen to music when I am playing or having a party with my family and friends. I get more energetic when I listen to pop music when I am doing sports. I also listen to music while I am skateboarding or ice-skating. I like both types of music pop and calm. But I prefer pop music because it is more energetic.

My favorite calm music is ”every night in my dreams” because it is very relaxing and meaningful. The song reminds me of the movie ”Titanic” because in the movie there was a boy and a girl who loved each other a lot. Then when the tragic happened, the boy dies so I think this song is sang by the girl.

My mom loves calm music and my dad loves pop music but they both have excellent reasons to argue about what is better.

What is your favorite type of music?

My Favorite Seasons


My favorite seasons are summer and winter. I like summer a little more than winter because  in summer you don’t have to be dressed in 4 layers and you can do whatever you want to do. Another reason why I like summer a lot is that you have a less chance of getting sick or getting a very bad cold. You can also do cycling, swimming, running and other fun stuff. But in winter you don’t have much of a choice. One thing I like most about summer is the sun. I love to play cricket and soccer outside when it’s a sunny day. In summer, you can  do parties outside the house, although in winter, you can only do parties inside the house.

In winter, my favorite part is to play in the snow. If you fall down in winter, you won’t get much hurt( only if you land on soft snow, not on ice). I also like to go sledding, snowboarding and skiing in the winter. Another reason why I like winter is we get to make snow forts and climb snow mountains which have formed over a snow storm.

What is your favorite season? Rajesh Summer





Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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