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The Girl Who Hated Books


Vaansh the girl; who hated bookzx“The Girl Who Hated Books“ is a cartoon at the N.F.B (National Film Board Of Canada), which shows a girl which comes from a family which loved books. Her parents were always reading books and there were books all over the place. The girl is really fed up of all the books and she hates reading. She was really frustrated of all the books that were around her and she really didn’t get any time from her parents. I think that’s one of the reason she hates books-because her parents read so many books and they barely have any time for their daughter.

Casually, the girl was walking through the hallways when she saw her cat was on top of a huge pile of books. She seems frustrated when she sees her cat on top of the pile of books but she climbs to the top to get her cat regardless that the she might fall down. Suddenly, she hears a rumble and she finds herself falling down with a great stack of books (and her cat). When she finally found herself to the situation, she looks around and finds herself in the middle of a lot of books and  their characters outside the book. She meets a lot of characters and she talks to them. They explain her the storyline of the books which they’re from which makes the girl interested in reading them. So she pick up the books and starts reading them. She is starting to have fun while reading, and she’s liking it, which obviously, makes her parents happy. Her parents buy her more books and she keeps reading.




Red is a very bright and bold color that can be caught with the naked eye between a lot of colors. Red is mostly the color to represent boldness and it also represents anger and war at times. Bulls are attractive by the color red too, but do you want to know a fact? Bulls don’t actually get angry by the color red…. they are color blind!!!! Red can be used at a lot of places, including sunsets. Red is my second favorite color (after blue) and it also gives me courage to force when I’m tired of playing a sport because red is very bold and attractive.

This is a sunset…one of the many good reasons why I love the color redMany artists use the color red to represent love and affection…but some use it to represent anger and blood. When a artist paint a sunset in red, it seems very calm and peaceful but when artist paint a war he or she would most often use red and black to describe blood and despair.

The red bird is called a Scarlet Tanager. It is, obviously, red. It is a American bird and it loves to sing. Its not that tall or it doesn’t have much of a size, but it has a cute and beautiful voice, and it belongs to the Cardinal family. They live at the edge of The U.S.A, at the border of the U.S and Mexico.

The Grand Canyon is one of the great red rock canyons which is known worldwide. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona, in the U.S. The grand Canyon is the largest canyon in the world and it is 446 kilometers long and 29 kilometers wide.

The last image is of a red rose. I chose the red rose because it is very beautiful and it one of my favorite flowers. Roses are shown to represent love and I don’t think there is any other reason a rose would be used besides love and respect.

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If I was a Billionaire…..😈


If I won a money contest and I won 1 billion dollars, The first thing I would do is buy myself a palace and make all the things for my confort first and then I`m going to donate alot of money to N.G.O`s and other organizations which support people who are disabled. I want to donate the money to such organizations because when I am watching TV, there is alot of news about the homeless, or people who are disabled and then It’s forgotten. I hate it when that happens so I’m going to donate the money to organizations so the people who are homeless and people who are disabled of any way can start a new life. For my palace, first of all I’m going to make a lot of pools and soccer fields because those are my favorite sports. A lot of people die of poverty everyday and I hate it when I hear this kind of things because every person has a right to a good life, proper food and shelter, so it really hurts when I hear a news like this. With the rest of the money I would take my whole family on a world tour and enjoy life😄.


Capilano Suspension Bridge


Today I`m going to talk about the best place I ever went to. The place is Located a little far off from the city of Vancouver, and is named Capilano. I`s also called Capilano Suspension Bridge because of the grand bridge (as you can see on the left), which has been entertainig the people since 1889. I was 9 when I went there the last time. It was really fun because the bridge doesnt have a base and is ony held up be 4 cords. Capilano isn`t just a bridge, It`s a natural park where there are all kinds of different animals and information about them. I liked that place a lot because it goes up in the valley in the mountains and its like a way of trekking but in a more fun and exciting way. My mom loved that place a lot because she loves mountains a lot, and off course Vancouver and British Colombia are like the king of all mountains and natural greenery. Vaansh Capilano Briddge

This is a picture of the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Nightmare Before High School


nightmare_at_school VaanshThis boy is scared of a lot of things in this school. First of all he is scared to not be accepted because they show many times that he is running away in situations in which he doesnt know what to do. He seems very confused of what`s going on around him. For example when he comes to his classroom for the first time the cartoonist, or the artist of this video show the boy as a very small person, which for sure is impossible, but the cartoonist used Magical surrealism for a reason. I think the reason behind it is that the boy is so frustrated and cofused after trying to run away from the person, which in this case seems like the pricipal, and because of that the cartoonist made the boy so small and unusual. Another proof is when the boy evetually comes to his classroom, in the search of a good hididg place, he trips and falls down which makes everybody laugh, in particular one person, who didnt stop laughing even when the pricipal came in the classroom and punished him.

Another thing this boy is scared of is all the teachers because they show that he tries to keep distance and runs away from the teachers and certainly from the pricipal. He seems to be having confusion in th school itself, but the reason the cartoonist wants to bring out is that the boy has no friends or no belongings yet, so every room for him in this school seems to be lonely. He is still adapting what is going on in the school and what the teacher wants.

I think another fear of his in this school is that he doesn’t want to fail, or not get good grades because when they show the boy in the Principal`s office looking at all the pictures hanged on the wall, the boy imagines seeing the boy who loves cars and racing has become a car racing owner or someone who has a big role in car races. And then when he saw the girl in his class that loved cats became a vet. Then his eye caught an empty face painting, He really freaks out imagining that’s him. I think this is a sign that before the boy was only looking fort belonging and to have friends, but now he encountered another fear. A fear of failing, and achieving nothing in life.

Photo Credit :https://media1.nfb.ca/medias/nfb_tube/jackets/nightmare_at_school.jpg

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Robert Bateman


Vaansh Sheer DropI chose this Painting because I like goats and I feel there is a lot of life in this painting and I can imagine being on the cliff and listening to the roars of the waterfall. It signifies courage, because the goats are at such a height and yet moving forward. It also represents that the goats had went through many obstacles and now has finally reached where they wanted to go but are moving higher and higher. The First sight of this painting for me was very realistic and courageous for me because yet being a goat and not that tall, they have reached at such a steep height where humans are scared to do so. The colors are not that attractive but has a very realistic look.

  • Robert Bateman is the artist of this painting. He is a painter born on May 24, 1930, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is a Canadian naturalist and painter. He was fascinated by artwork and the natural world ever since he was a child. He was inspired by the Group Of Seven (a group of Canadian painters). He was interested in abstract paintings of nature. He changed his style in the mid-1960’s that is his current painting style :realism. In 1954, he graduated with a degree in geography from Victoria College in the University of Toronto. He then became a high school art/geography teacher. During the 1970’s and the 1980’s, his work started getting major recognition. Robert Bateman’s show in 1987, and the Smithsonanian Institution in Washington D.C, drew a large crowd for a living artist. Bateman has around six books devoted to his paintings. In 1999, the  Audubon society of Canada declared Bateman on of the top 100 environmental proponents of the 20th century. He lives in Saltspring, British Colombia.. He has a few schools named after him:
  • Robert Bateman Secondary school in Abbotsford, B.C.
  • Robert Bateman High School in Burlington, Ontario
  • Robert Bateman Elementary School, Ottawa, Canada

He is a honory Director of the North American Native Plant society. He has 3 honors of the Docter of Fine Arts, 5 honors of Docter of Laws, 3 honos of letters and 2 honors of Docter of science. He has many artworks including:

  • Sheer Drop
  • Ocean Rhapsody
  • Window Into Ontario
  • Grizzly At rest
  • Baobab tree
  • Flying Red-Tailed Hawk and Pine

He has many more paintings.



The Never Ending Post


I am making a never ending post, which is a kind of post which everything is connected to everything, and it`s going to be like a explosion of ideas-with everything referring to everything. You will probably think this is going to be hard, but trust me, its not as it seems. It`s going to be pretty easy…. you just need your brain and some fantastic ideas!!! So in short it is 1 idea…which explodes into many ideas!!!!

I`m going to start by telling you about a man named Jeb Corliss who is a Wing suit daredevil, and he completed another heart-stooping flight between the two peaks of the 2,667 feet tall Mount Jianglang in China. This is very dangerous because the person flying can crash land even if it is a little wind turbulence. But Jeb Corliss is a very good Wing suit rider and he is very experienced, so he will know how to survive in worst case scenarios.









The 3 Best Narrowed Up Experiments


After searching for different experiments in both books and the internet, I have come down to 3 of them that I really like. All 3 of them are from books.

The first one that has come to mind, and can be a good project for the science fair. It is about making rockets out of a bottle. I chose this one as my first choices because I really like to learn about rockets and how they go up to the space and actuallyVaansh sharma bottle thingy succeed. I used to think that rocket science is boring but when I think about it in deeper thought….I actually feel pretty interested in rockets. But this is not rocket science….this is a rocket made out of a bottle. It is supposed to go up, but not that high. I have to put different science stuff in the bottle, and then the bottle will blast up in the sky. So that`s why I am very eager to try out this experiment.

The second experiment that caught my eye was a one about latitude finder, which is also known as a sun dial. I have always had an interest in sun dials. Read the rest of this entry »

My Top Three Science Fair Ideas From The Internet



We are doing a science fair project in our class and so we had to choose 3 topics from the internet. My current topics are about lemon making electricity, a rocket nose cone and a magnetic force. Well I don’t think that I will be able to do the magnetic force one because it requires a lot of stuff and I don’t think I will get all that stuff for one project. But chose it because I like to learn about gravity. And I have a lot interest in science. This is the link to the site I got my information from: http://www.education.com/science-fair/article/magnetic-force-powerful-gravity/.

The next one I am thinking about is the lemon battery one. In this experiment, we have to make a battery out of a lemon, which is kind of like the same thing as making a battery out of a lemon. I chose this topic because I always wondered how do we make any sort of electricity from any sort of fruit or eating thing. It seemed impossible to produce electricity out of fruit when I was young, but now when I am older, I am looking forward to learn more science of electricity. You can see more about this experiment at: http://www.education.com/science-fair/article/lemon-power/

The third and last experiment I got from the internet is the one about the rocket nose. In this experiment I have to make a rocket and experiment which kind of nose of a rocket can be the best one. I chose this topic because I have a lot interest in space and rockets, and I thought that it would be a wonderful topic for me. I got my information at this site: http://www.education.com/science-fair/article/rocket-nose-cone-science/

My Top 4 Best Ideas From Books


vaansh awesome rocket thingI have chosen 3 top experimnts I could find in a few books.

The first experiment I found was on a bottle rocket, in the book “Blast Lab“. The whole concept is that there is a rocket made out of cans and other stuff and then on the other side you build a pump, so when you put pressure on the pump, the rocket will blast off. So what spotted my eye in that experiment was that it included rockets and I always had a dream to work in NASA. And I love to learn more about rockets because it is one of the only objects that can go to space and actually succeed in it. I got very excited when I saw this experiment.

The second experiment I am eager to do is “soda fountains“, in the book ”Blast Lab. This was a thing that I don’t get a much of a chance to do this but since this a science fair and it would be very fun if I could do this as my project. Of course it will make quite a mess but still,  it will be very fun to do this experiment. It always amazes me that how a soda bottle can explode into the sky. I know the procedure of how to do it, but never really tried. So what I have to do in this post is that I have to make a soda bottle explode by shaking it or something. It will go pretty high up in the sky.

The third project I am thinking about is a “latitude finder” project, from the book ”Scienceworks”. This project really attracted me because I never knew what how to make this and I like the concept of knowing the time from the rays of the sun and not using electricity. So I have to put the numbers of the clock (12:00-1:00 etc ….). then I have to make a some sort of stick which will be in the middle of the latitude finder or somewhere near the side and the edges. part is the That main part of the whole project because it has to be of a specific size and length…or else the  experiment won’t work.

The fourth and the last experiment’s name is ”Pump it up”, from the book Blast Lab. It is about balloons and the theory of how they pop. This experiment is exciting me because it involves popping balloons and popping balloons are my fear and I want to overcome that fear of mine. It is a very interesting experiment because all I have to do is poke a stick a  pin and experiment with pushy air monticules. It is pretty complicated….but I like taking risks.

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