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Cricket 1 Vaansh Rajesh

I love playing Cricket.  When I was in India last year during my summer holidays, I used to play Cricket with my cousins.  Whenever, I get time, and if it is sunny outside, I play Cricket with my family and friends in my backyard.

Cricket is a very popular game in the world.  It started in England (U.K.) during the 17th century, and then other countries in the world started playing   it professionally.

Cricket is played with a bat and ball between two teams and there are 11 members in each team.  This game is played on an oval field.  There is an Umpire in Cricket, who has the right to judge the game.  He also makes decisions in the game.  An Umpire can declare a batsman out.  He also announce  the  end of an over (there are 7 balls in one over).

Cricket World Cup take place in every 4 years.  Next Cricket World Cup will be in 2015.  The countries who play Cricket  the most are : England, India, Australia, West Indies, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

To play Cricket, you must have to wear shin pads, helmet and strong grip gloves.  We also need 2 sets of stumps.

Cricket is my favorite sport. What is your favorite sport?

Photo Credit: Rajesh Online

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Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal Vaansh RajehLast year, during my trip to India, I visited the Taj Mahal with my family.  I was amazed to see the beauty of Taj Mahal, and could not believe that hundreds of years before people could make such a beautiful structure made out of  marble.  We had a lot of fun there and had boat rides.  We ate delicious Mughlai food at the famous Taj Mahal Hotel.

It was my most memorable trip and I feel great to see such an old structure made of marble.

The Taj Mahal  is one of the seven wonders of the world.  It was built by Mughal Emperor  Shah Jahan, in memory of  his wife and queen  Mumtaj Mahal.  The Taj Mahal is built entirely of white marble.  It’s height is 73 m (240 ft).  It was built in 21 years (1632 – 1653).  It is the grave of Mumtaz Mahal at the lower chamber of Taj Mahal.  The grave of Shah Jahan was added to it later.  It is believed that the souls of  Shah Jahan and  his wife  Mumtaj  Mahal visit the Taj Mahal on a full moon night.

Shah Jahan was sick during his last days and he used to see the Taj Mahal from his Palace.

The Taj Mahal is visited by billions of people from all over the world.  The Taj Mahal  is actually a palace with a big dome on the top and is surrounded by four Vaansh Rajesh Taj Mahal Rivertowers.  It has beautiful colored glass windows.  The Taj glow in the full moon light.  It also looks very beautiful during sunrise and sunset.  The Yamuna river flows right beside it, which increases the beauty of  Taj  Mahal.  There are also boat rides.    There is a large garden which has four pools divided  it at the centre.

Would you like to visit the Taj Mahal? If so, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

Photo Credits: Wikipedia, 1. Sunrise, Dan Searle 2. Reflection, Ekabhishek

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Team Work


Me and my group worked nicely and had it easily organized about who will do what. I enjoy working in groups because it is fun and even the most difficult math seems very easy because when all our brains work together we have many ideas.

In grades one and two, I had many difficulties cooperating with people in groups. In grade two my teacher did not like groups because she thought it is difficult to handle kids when they are with their friends and together they talk and misbehave. In grade 3 I started working well with groups. In grade 4 it was all fine.

The other reason why I like working with groups is because we get to learn from each other‘s ideas. The thing that went well in our group was that all our answers were the same and we had no arguing. What we will have to work on next time is finishing it on time.

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My Hobbies


I have many favorite hobbies. One of my favorite hobbies is to write. I write stories and poems. I maintain a diary, in which I keep all my poems. I prefer writing adventurous stories or poems about nature. I also like to do cycling with my sister in the summer. Mostly, I go to the park with my cycle or I have races with my friends in the neighborhood. My other pastime hobby is to read. I like reading books which are a part of a series. My mom made me have a habit of reading since I was little. Whenever we go on a long drive, I bring a book with me. I keep all my books in a shelf. I separated the shelf into categories such as: science, non- fiction, space, environment, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

For me books are my best friends.

Do you have hobbies?

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The real name for peacocks is peafowl. It is a kind of bird from the Phasianidae family. There are 2 species of peacocks: the Asiatic Peafowl and the Cong Peafowl. A male peacock can have more than 150 brightly colored feathers on its tail coverts. People have admired peacocks for many centuries for their beauty. Peacocks have become very common in parks and gardens recently. Peacocks like to eat any kind of green shoots such as flowers, veggies, grass etc.…. They also eat wheat and cracked corn. They are omnivorous. The peafowl is originally from Asia and India. Most peafowls are from hot areas  but some can adapt to cold weather.


During the spring, peacocks have to mate. The male peacock dances in front of the female peacock and impresses her with his feathers opened. During the middle of the spring, the mother peacock has babies. It mostly lays 6 eggs at time. She sits on the eggs for 30 days to make the eggs hatch. Female peacocks have soft brown and gray fur with white chests and bellies. They have some light green around their neck. She almost looks invisible when she is nesting on weeds and grasses on the ground.

I saw peacocks when I went to Park Safari. I fed them grass and nuts. We learned a lot about peacocks because some people were explaining about peacocks. I clicked these pictures when I was 8 years old, in 2011.

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Roller Blade Skating


I love skating. I do roller blade skating outside and sometimes inside my house downstairs. I like to skate with my dad and my sister. My dad taught me how to skate  when I was 4 years old. Now I can skate in very thin and tight spaces but I get a little slow at turns.

During hot summer days, I like to skate at the park with my friends. I can also do different types of brakes such as T-brakes and sideway brakes when I want to stop immediately. I can go down on a slide on my feet with my skates on, but sometimes I fall.


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Nature | Poem


Nature Is the splashing water

which splats all over my eyes;

Nature is the shining blue sky

which sparkles and rests my trials;

Nature is my beautiful garden Read the rest of this entry »

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Children Working Hard


800px-Child_labour_Nepal WikimediaI and my class saw a video about child labor. I learned something from that carpet making video. Little children, about my age, were working hard to get rid of their  family’s debt. In the video, those children were lucky because they were making carpets with their families (brothers and sisters). The kids work for 12 hours a day and they get very less money at the end of the day. It is not interesting for them because it is hard and boring work. It is also very dangerous. They don’t stay healthy at all because seeing threads and knots all day long is not good for your health and your eyes at all. They don’t get good or healthy food. Some kids are chained to their looms. Read the rest of this entry »

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