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Best Student Blog


In my opinion the best blog I can think about is Bob`s blog. He likes gaming and most of his posts are about gaming. He includes humorous posts ,too, because he is funny and has a lot of humor. He posts a variety of stuff and you can a get a lot information on gaming from his blog. What attracts me the most are his posts about new games-even though I am not much of a gamer, but I still like to read the gaming posts.  He also makes funny rap songs- for those who like to sing or have an interest in songs. So my nomination is for Bob`s blog.


Best New Student Blog


The best new blog according to me is Edward`s blog. Edward has a lot of good posts of various sizes and all his posts are interesting. He includes a lot of different posts with different  topics such as comics, silk art and reminders. All his posts are very good but the post that attracts me the most are his funny posts. He doesn’t have many but the ones he does have are very funny and nice.

The New Step In My Life


Hi bloggers, I want to tell you something very important that’s about my life. Right now I’m in grade 6……. and on my way to high school!!!! Right now I`m in St. Lawrence school. There a lot of subjects here including English, French, Music, Science, gym and many more. My particular favorite subject is gym. I love sports and we do a lot of sports and games in gym. We go on a lot of field trips and have a lot of fun. But I`m not sure if it will be like that in high school. I am very excited but I am also very worried for high school. I am not much scared because the high school called Heritage Regional High School and it`s a very good school!!!!

I am very worried and very happy at the same time. I feel worried because the work is going to increase and is going to got harder. There are all sorts of new ideas coming in my mind about high school and rest of my life….but it seems herd to answer them because I’m not thinking about it much now. But I think It’s going to be time soon. I`m feeling happy because I`m going to a new school with new kids and plus I`m going to have another chance to show responsibility.  There`s a lot of soccer fields at heritage and soccer is my favorite sport. There are also arenas so I can practice hockey and skating. I am looking for more field trips and sports. Heritage`s logo is an Husky, so I won’t be playing for St. Lawrence anymore…..Ill be playing for the Heritage Huskies!!!!! I am very curious to see who will be my teacher and who my new friends will be, even though most of my friends are going to heritage and I would like to keep the friendship I have now.

Anyway I’m going to welcome in the new step in my life, and hope I do excellent in my higher studies!!!!

A Skateboarding blog- Paul Online


vaansh skateboardingHi there bloggers!!!! The blog I’m nominating for the Edublogs compition is Paul’s blog. I’m nominating this blog because it is very interesting and can attract a lot of viewers. It talks about various stuff, including poetry, skateboarding and he has a very good variety of posts, suitable for all readers. His blog is very interesting for me because I like to skateboard and his blog has a lot of Skateboarding involved. Paul has a lot of serious stuff like in one post he talks about car accidents, but he also has a lot of stuff which is funny or in other words, with a lot of humor. I like his serious topics a lot, but I also like his topics which involve humor. He is good at both types of posts, and he adds a lot poetry so his blog has a lot of different posts that can attract all types of interests of people. You can visit his blog at http://paulonline.edublogs.org/.

Hope you visit  his blog!!!!

Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

Regatta-A Nigerian River Festival


Regatta is a very important festival in Nigeria. It is festival to celebrate the role rivers play in the lives of the people of Nigeria. Nigerians have always loved and took care for the rivers, and maintained close relationships with the rivers. They link with rivers no matter what size they are. These rivers give the people a good amount of fish. In some parts of the country rivers are still the easiest way to travel.  People use canoes to go school and even to get the groceries. The rivers are so important to them that some people think of them as gods or goddesses.

Boat races or in other words Regatta began as a way of saying thanks to these deities. Most of the villages on the riversides hold regattas, but the most famous one is at Patetgi, on the Niger. The Regatta is held near the river. There are many dances representing the all kind of water creatures. People have picnics where they watch displays by swimmers and acrobats.  The main event of the festival is the rowing boat race in brightly colored canoes. Strong rowers paddle the boats. Winning is not as important but all that counts is taking part in this event that’s enjoyed by everyone.

Summer Leaving Canada


Summer is going away here in Canada, and that’s making me pretty sad because I can’t skateboard or do anything else that involves wheels on feet. It is still summer in a lot of places such as Phoenix, which is in U.S.A, all of India and Australia. I am more of a summer person because there are a lot of activities in summer that we can’t do in winter. Skateboarding and fooling around in the neighborhood is like my favorite thing to do in the summer, and I can’t really do that in the winter because my mom wont let me. And plus to add to that, there is a lot of snow here and everything is white and who can barely do anything. But it`s not like I hate winter or something, because I like to snowboard in the winter.Vaansh summer and winer

Are you sad when summer leaves your country, or do you prefer winter?


My Whistler Bungee Jumping Experience


I went bungee jumping in Whistler, Vancouver in 2012. It was really fun because the bungee was very big and I did a lot of flips and turns in the air. It was pretty high, but me and my sister did it anyway. There were many other games there but I really enjoyed bungee jumping. After the Bungee Jump experience, my stomach felt very wierd becuse I was in the air for a long time and I couldn’t control of where I was going because the bungee was very stretchy and was bringing me to alot of places. When the bungee stopped, I landed on the edge of the landing area because my bungee was breaking slowly. But we had a lot of fun in Whistler bungee jumping, and I hope I can go again!Vaansh bungee jumping

My Random Comic-Edublogs Challenge 5





























This comic strip of mine doesn’t make any sense because I didn’t have much time to make it fancy or with more sense. We only had 10 minutes. And I had to use the pictures that were there at the comic life.

Freedom Of Belief Pt. 1 | Blog Action Day 2014 | Edublogs


RajeshEveryone should have the right to have some sorts of belief in something, in a god or a religion. As long as it doesn’t bully other religions. People are also allowed to not have a religion or a certain belief if they want. Most of the people I know, they all have a certain belief of some kind. Everyone is different in some way and having a religion is a big part of that. There are many countries, including Canada which appreciates the freedom of beliefs. Everyone I know so far has a belief and is not scared and does not fear to believe in it. They are not scared if other people will accept their religion or not. I am myself `Hindu and I don’t go on the streets and start saying bad stuff about other religions or beliefs and I don’t feel bad or unsafe when I am walking on the streets or anywhere else.

In Canada for example, you are allowed to have your own beliefs or no belief if you do not want to have one. You are not segregated or bullied if you are in a specific and a different religion. Everyone has a religion (except Atheists and Agnostics) and is respected for that religion and is respected if they do not have a religion. Not only in Canada, but many countries appreciate the freedom of all sorts of religions.

Everyone has the right to a religion because everyone in this world is different and having a religion helps build different people each day with different ideas and that helps the world by learning new things. It won’t be that fun if everyone is of the same religion and they’ll be nothing new to learn about.

Freedom Of Belief Pt.2 | Blog Action Day 2014

Art. 14 You have the right to think and believe what you want and to practice your religion, as long as you are not stopping other people from enjoying their rights. Parents should guide children on these matters.

Source: UNICEF Know your Rights and responsibilities

The Bad Beginning- Edublogs Challenge 3


Vaansh The Bad BeginningI would never want to go to the house of Count Olaf because he is very mean and tricky. He is the villain of the series of Unfortunate Events and wants to kill Violet, Klaus, and Sunny because when their parents died in a fire, they left an enormous fortune with the three orphans. Count Olaf’s house is in a building which is sagged to one side like a crooked tooth. His apartment is full of mud and is very dirty.

He asks the Baudelaires to wipe their feet outside, so no mud gets inside even though more mud won’t make a difference. I won’t live there because it is very dirty and it is very hard for me to live in untidy places. I feel very uncomfortable. Even though his house was quite large, the Baudelaires were given one filthy room and were to sleep on a small bed. I need a lot of space to move around, therefore, I will not be able to stay in that room.

Would you like to go there?

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons



India`s Success On Mars


India has created history on 24th of September, 2014. It has become the first country in the world to send a satellite into Mars orbit (in first attempt), and the first Asian country to get success in Mars mission. India’s Mars mission is also called Mangalyaan which was launched on 5th November 2013 by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization).  After travelling 300 days (approx.), it was successfully entered into Mars orbit on 24th September 2014.

This mission is on Technology Objectives and will give us knowledge about Mars. It will Take pictures of the red planet and study its atmosphere. The entire mission cost $74 million. India`s Mars mission has been attracting a lot of scientific communities.

I have seen this historic moment live on television. When the satellite entered Mars Orbit, every one clapped at the ISRO head courters. India has proved that once you stop dreaming, you stop progressing.Vaansh Mars

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