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Best Student Blog


In my opinion the best blog I can think about is Bob`s blog. He likes gaming and most of his posts are about gaming. He includes humorous posts ,too, because he is funny and has a lot of humor. He posts a variety of stuff and you can a get a lot information on gaming from his blog. What attracts me the most are his posts about new games-even though I am not much of a gamer, but I still like to read the gaming posts.  He also makes funny rap songs- for those who like to sing or have an interest in songs. So my nomination is for Bob`s blog.


Best New Student Blog


The best new blog according to me is Edward`s blog. Edward has a lot of good posts of various sizes and all his posts are interesting. He includes a lot of different posts with different  topics such as comics, silk art and reminders. All his posts are very good but the post that attracts me the most are his funny posts. He doesn’t have many but the ones he does have are very funny and nice.

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